Please Note: The previous 4 teams have been combined into one large team, and game time is now 1:00 for all remaining weeks. All players will be divided into teams during the new Sunday 1:00 Game-Time. In addition, practices have been moved ahead one hour, to 6:30. If your child was previously practicing on Tuesday at 5:30, they will now practice Tuesday at 6:30 along side the K2-3 kids. If your child previously practiced at 5:30 on Thursday, the new time is 6:30 on Thursday with the K2-3 teams.

Team 1Fall 2017
Jack Freake
Benjamin Sturge
Carlo Vinnicombe
Benjamin Ottogalli
Jr Dullah
Benjamin Fitzpatrick
Jackson Gregory
Callie Hancoock
Lucas Thayer
Emily Mackey
Cleo Roberts
Caelan Halleran
Nevaeh Corcoran
Luke Walsh
Cody Leonard
Luke Handrigan
Samuel Standiford
Asma Lftisi
Abrar Lftisi
Practice Information
6:30 - 7:30
6:30 - 7:30
Season Schedule
Date Time Opponent Location
January 71:00Hazelwood
January 141:00Hazelwood
January 211:00Hazelwood
January 281:00Hazelwood
February 41:00Hazelwood
February 111:00Hazelwood
February 181:00Hazelwood
February 251:00Hazelwood
March 41:00Hazelwood
March 111:00FUN DAYHazelwood
Coach Information